White House Student Film Festival

Jan 4, 2014: US Student Media Producers, our President has an opportunity for you! The White House is hosting their first student film festival. You are invited to submit a film addressing specific themes by January 29, 2014. While we are not affiliated with this festival, we are helping to spread the word. Check out http://www.whitehouse.gov/filmfestival.

ISMA Award Explanations

Students from around the world submitted their learning projects to ISMA to be judged by educators who know and teach technology. These judges used detailed rubrics for judging each type of media and considered the age levels of the students as they evaluated each project on its own merit.

The projects exceeding the minimum criteria earned an “Excellence in Media Production” designation. Because we have such talented entrants and many entries have been culled from state media festivals, a healthy proportion of our entrants earned this designation.

A “Judges’ Favorite” was awarded when judges felt the students have great potential as media producers, whether or not the media project met our criteria of excellence. When judges particularly enjoyed or were impressed with a project, they designated it as a favorite.

The “Top Honors” designation was awarded to the few entries that met 100% of our stringent criteria of excellence and was a Judges’ Favorite. A Top Honors winner is considered to be the best of the best of the year.

Whether a project earned one of the awards above or not, we congratulate those students who designed, wrote, and produced a media project this year. We strongly believe that media production empowers student learning and communication.

First Round of Results Are Available!

Dec 3, 2013: We have judged over 80% of the projects submitted and posted those results. Certificates and Student Feedback forms are available to Sponsors who login to their Sponsor Home Page.

We have teams working on the remaining projects. However, we have had technical difficulties with many of the remaining projects. If your project has not been judged please have your project Sponsor contact us.

We’re Still Judging

Aug 17, 2013: It has been a busy summer for us. Our volunteer judges have been evaluating the many interesting and quality media projects you submitted. We are still at it; however, our numbers have dwindled. If you teach through media production and would like to help us judge, please contact us. We would appreciate your help!

Project Submission Closed

June 18, 2013: Thank you everyone who submitted their project to this year’s ISMA.  You all have made our first year very special.

We Were Accepting Submissions

May 17, 2013: Welcome to the International Student Media Association. We are now accepting media project submissions for judging. Please read below for Entry information and
then Start Here to create a Sponsor account.

Please note, we can currently accept payments via check or a PayPal account. We are still working on a way to accept credit cards. Go ahead and submit your projects and we’ll let you know when you can settle up with a credit card.


2012-2013 Entry Guide

May 16, 2013: Please read through the 2012-2013 Entry Guide.


Update on Entry Submissions

May 14, 2013: Our web developers are working hard to setup the new website and the entry submission system. Our goal is to have it work much like the ISMF entry process. Our target for opening the system for submissions is now May 17.


Project Judging Details 2012-2013

Organization in Transition

  • AECT is no longer underwriting the costs associated with the International Student Media Festival.
  • The members of the ISMF planning committee have formed a new organization to conduct media project judging this year, in the spirit of ISMF. Once the name and web address have been finalized, we will post that information here and e-mail it to the mailing list.

Submission Details

  • The entry deadline is June 15, 2013. Extensions will be considered upon request.
  • The entry fee for an online project is $22. A project on mailed media is $30.
  • Sponsors will submit producer and project information through our online entry system, projected to open May 17, 2013.
  • We will accept projects in the form of a link to an online project or mailed media such as a DVD or CD. A mailing address will be shared once the entry process is open.
  • Student Insight and Reflection is important aspect of judging. You will be asked to provide this information in the online entry system. Please meet with your students as soon as possible and have them answer the following questions.
    1. What inspired you to create this project?
    1. Describe the steps you took to create your production.
    1. What would you like the judges to know about this project?
    1. What challenges to creating your project did you have, if any?
    1. What have you learned from producing this media project?
  • We are in the process of writing an Entry Guide (similar to that of ISMF) to reflect this information.

Award Details

  • Award certificates will be available to Sponsors as electronic (PDF) documents after judging is complete. Certificates will not be printed and mailed.
  • Due to the loss of underwriting, no award plaques or plates will be provided, though personalized awards will be available for purchase from an awards vendor.
  • Entries will be judged following the ISMF criteria check lists used in 2011-2012.
  • There will be no ISMF gathering in Anaheim this fall as AECT originally planned.


Announcement from the AECT Board of Directors

March 4, 2013: The AECT Board of Directors at the February meeting voted to discontinue underwriting the Student Media Committee and the International Student Media activities.

This has been a difficult decision for the board to make. The decision has been in the making for three years as corporate support dwindled. We have also been aware of the difficulty schools and sponsors are having raising funds to pay for the submission of their entries and attending the annual festival.

AECT will continue to search for corporate partners and hope we will be able to restart this powerful learning activity.

We know you will continue to encourage your students to use media to enrich and extend their creative learning experience. If you have any ideas about corporate partners feel free to contact me.

Phillip Harris
Executive Director
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
P.O. Box 2447, Bloomington, IN 47402-2447
Toll Free: 877-677-AECT