About ISMA


Why does ISMA resemble ISMF?

The International Student Media Association (ISMA) was formed by veteran planners of AECT’s International Student Media Festival. ISMA organizers are following the spirit and philosophy of ISMF.  The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (link to www.aect.org) granted ISMA permission to use much of ISMF’s structure, facilitating a quicker transition for student media producers and educators. Some changes were necessary, but ISMF alumni will recognize most of the website, the entry submission process, the Entry Guide, etc.


What is the International Student Media Association?

The International Student Media Association (ISMA) celebrates K-12 students who are successfully harnessing the power of media production. These young students (generally ages five to eighteen) have taken charge of their learning. They have proven themselves engaged and effective communicators. ISMA provides opportunities for students to evaluate and share their work, analyze the work of others, network with peers, and learn the latest media production methods.

ISMA encourages educators and youth leaders to incorporate media production into educational experiences; to look to media production as a way – beyond paper and pencil – for students to communicate what they are learning and thinking. ISMA helps educators recognize the importance of student-produced media as an effective tool to meet curriculum standards and to elevate student communication skills, creativity, and self-expression. ISMA promotes student media production because it enriches learning.


Why Encourage Students to Produce Quality Media?

Kids create media because it is fun and gives them a voice. Easy-to-use tools make publication to a global audience immediate. There is a growing number of student productions “out there”. ISMA highlights productions that took work and thought, as well as technical skills. Quality student media productions incorporate planning, organization, research, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, and often-times teamwork. ISMA raises the bar.


Why Include Media Production in the Classroom?

Learning is a common goal of educators, parents, and students themselves. Student media projects and digital storytelling foster learning across the curriculum. At the elementary and junior high school levels, reading comprehension, writing skills, and math facilities are developed. In addition to those areas, older students increase their abilities to plan, analyze, and interpret results. Cooperation and leadership flourish where student media is encouraged.

Student media production in the world of technology, video, sound, and imagery is a proven avenue to increasing student participation in the classroom learning environment. State and national educational standards are met and surpassed in the exciting atmosphere of creativity cultivated through student production of media projects. Future academic and employment opportunities increase in relationship to the rise in technological and communication proficiencies.


Why Submit Media Projects to ISMA?

If you have students who have produced media projects, we can help you evaluate and share them. ISMF accepts media productions that vary in type, audience, and objective whether created in a classroom setting or not. ISMF focuses on Live Action videos, Sequential Stills slideshows, Interactive experiences, Websites, Podcasts, and Animations.

A teacher or parent agrees to be the “Sponsor” for student projects. The Sponsor submits information about the projects to ISMF through an online entry process. Each project is assigned an Entry ID and either uploaded to our video portal or mailed to our office. Please read our Entry Guide for details.


Does ISMA host a Festival?

We do not have a festival planned at this time, though it is our goal to host annual festivals some day.